How to stake $NEAR on Meta Pool Aurora
We’ve made it easy for Aurora users to stake wNEAR directly from Aurora using MetaMask. Leveraging the Rainbow Bridge’s ability to do contract calls between Aurora and NEAR, we’ve built a simple solution that maintains the same user interface and experience as the NEAR native solution.
It’s easy to distinguish which network you are on as it has the Aurora logo, and each network will automatically, it will prompt you to connect your Metamask wallet.
We are leveraging the Rainbow Bridge to automate all the steps the users would’ve had to perform manually: behind the scenes we are sending wNEAR from Aurora to NEAR Mainnet, unwrapping it, depositing NEAR on Meta Pool, receiving stNEAR and sending stNEAR back over Rainbow Bridge to the user’s Aurora Wallet.
Our code has been audited by Blocksec. Here is the Audits, so we did our best to keep assets secure.
Fee for deposit on Aurora is 0,1%, because need to pay transaction fees on the bridge back and forth, that covers those transaction fees. There's also 0.1% fee on the "Unstake" side.
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