Meta Vote

Improving the decentralization and governance of $META holders.


Meta Vote is a community-based Voting Platform for:
  • Projects Fundraising on Meta Yield, and
  • Supporting Validators in Meta Staking Vote.
It is a platform designed to acquire Voting Power to support projects in Meta Yield and to delegate NEAR Tokens to validators in Meta Staking Vote.

How to use Meta Vote?

You can access Meta Vote directly from its link or:
  1. 1.
    from Meta Yield by clicking on projects you want to vote.​
  2. 2.
    from Meta Staking Vote by clicking on the Validator you want to vote, or by clicking on the links to Meta Vote on the page to get voting power.

Connect your wallet on Meta Vote

In the Meta Vote site:, link your NEAR wallet so that you can have full access to your assets. +Connect Wallet button.

Meta Vote works with 3 simple steps:

  1. 1.
    Lock your $META tokens
  2. 2.
    Get voting power
  3. 3.
    Vote on projects in Meta Yield or Vote supporting Validators.

Lock your $Meta Tokens

In order to be able to vote for projects or Validators, you must obtain Voting Power and it is very simple. The way to get it is by locking your $META tokens.
If you don’t already have $META – you’ll need some! See below "How do I get $META Tokens?"​
  1. 1.
    Click on the button title + Add Voting Power
  2. 2.
    Enter the amount of $META tokens you want to lock.
  3. 3.
    Select the period you wish to “unlock” your tokens with the slider. This is the Unlock time for your $META tokens.
The minimum amount of time your $META can be locked for is 30 days, and up to 300 days. The longer your $META is locked, the more voting power you have for each $META token locked.
After selecting your lock period, click on the lock button and approve the transaction through NEAR wallet – and then you are ready to vote!
  1. 1.
    Use voting power to vote for desired projects or support Validators.
  2. 2.
    Go back to or to, refresh the page, and see the voting power!
  3. 3.
    1. 1.
      Meta Yield: You can then use the vote now button on any project and back them with your tokens. Additionally, you don’t have to spend all your tokens on one project, you can back multiple!
    2. 2.
      Meta Staking Vote: You can now vote directly the validator of your choice. Just click on the “vote” button
      of the validator of your choice, or select the validator you want to support, read all information regarding to this validator and vote for it. You can support multiple validators, not just one.

Voting Power acquisition formula for your $META tokens


How do I get $META tokens?

In the upper right-hand corner of the Meta Vote app, click “Get More $META” -
. This link to Ref Finance, to swap NEAR tokens or other NEAR native assets for $META tokens.
Also, you can get $META tokens on any DEFI platforms of the NEAR ecosystem.

Lock stages

Lock Period

The Lock stage is the one that allows you to vote on projects. $META tokens are locked and users can vote, unvote for projects or validators at any time. There is no time limit for this stage. Voting power will be available as long as $META tokens are locked.

Unlock Period

Once the project voting campaign is over or the user wants to end the support to a validator, can start the Unlock period. By pressing the "Start Unlock" button in the desired lock position, the unlock time begins to run, which corresponds to the time set by adding voting powers.
It should be noted that an unlock stage can only be started if there is enough voting power available. If there is voting power in use and it is not enough to unlock a full position, it will not be able to start the unlock period.
Important: the Unlock period does not start automatically, it must be manually started by the user.

Withdraw of $META tokens

Once the Unlock time is over, $META tokens can be withdraw.
Important: the withdrawal of $META tokens must be done manually by the user.