Meta Recipes

Easily Migrate Liquidity into stNEAR Farms and Pools
Meta Recipes is a simple tool that enables anyone to add liquidity into liquidity pools or migrate existing liquidity into new pools and farms on DEXs and AMMs such as Ref Finance and JUMBO with just a few clicks.

How it Works

At its core, Meta Recipes is an automation solution to enables to add liquidity into liquidity pools or seamlessly migrate liquidity across pools and platforms with just a few clicks. We empower the user perform a series of actions in an effortless way within the same screen instead of having to perform all these steps manually.
Simply log into Meta Recipes and follow the prompts: the platform identifies your current positions, opportunities and guides you through the process.
​Meta Recipes​

Benefits of Using Meta Recipes

There are many benefits to using stNEAR as the base pair on Liquidity Pools. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking of ways to simplify things for our users, reduce the friction of migration to new pools and eliminate the chance that people will get lost along the way, missing out on these opportunities. Enter Meta Recipes!
All opportunities in one screen. Simple management and migration of farming opportunities. Currently Meta Recipes is being deployed to help us migrate new stNEAR based tools, but expect to see many more recipes and opportunities in the future!

Look at the opportunities of Meta Pool recipes now:

​Meta Recipes​
Contact us if you’d like to create a Recipe for your Yield Maximiser strategy.