FAQ stNEAR token

What is stNEAR token?
How to stake my NEAR and receive stNEAR in Meta Pool?
Where are my stNEAR tokens?
What is the key difference of staking NEAR on NEAR Wallet and Meta Pool dApp?
What can I do with my stNEAR tokens in the NEAR ecosystem?
How the value of stNEAR token is calculated?
Are staking rewards staked automatically?
What is an epoch and where can I check the epoch timeline?
What would happen if I transfer to another person my stNEAR token?
If I did not send $NEAR to staking, but simply bought stNEAR, will I be able to exchange it for $NEAR?
What would happen if I trade my stNEAR token?
If I take my stNEAR tokens out of Meta Pool or transfer to my other NEAR wallet or wallet on Aurora Network, will my staking rewards be the same or will they be reduced?
How to unstake my stNEAR?
How farming works using stNEAR?
Is there any difference between staked $NEAR in Meta Pool and wNEAR on REF Finance? What are the benefits of adding $NEAR into Meta Pool?
What about depeg stNEAR?
Where can I find Meta Pool statistics?