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Meta Pool

Meta Pool is the leading liquid staking solution for $NEAR and wNEAR token holders.
Users staking $NEAR and wNEAR with Meta Pool receive in exchange stNEAR ('staked NEAR') tokens.
stNEAR is a yield bearing asset, accruing in value every epoch (~12 hours) meaning that you keep earning staking rewards, while you can use stNEAR for DeFi (e.g. lending, farming, borrowing) on NEAR and Aurora.
Visit "What is Meta Pool?" for more information.
If you stake in Meta Pool you will get:
1. Liquid Staking pool: Liquid Staking on NEAR, Liquid Staking on Aurora​
2. Swap stNEAR<->NEAR (liquid unstake): Swap on NEAR, Swap on Aurora​
3. Farming. By providing liquidity in NEAR on our platform, you're already Farming and getting $META rewards: DeFi with stNEAR on NEAR, DeFi with stNEAR on Aurora​
4. Lending and Borrowing with stNEAR: Lending and Borrowing on NEAR, Lending and Borrowing on Aurora​
5. Meta Yield is a lossless staking rewards-based crowdfunding platform for NEAR projects seeking financial support and exposure to the NEAR community: Meta Yield​
In Meta Pool value is captured in three ways:
1. stNEAR fees that come from NEAR staking rewards which is a fixed 4% of the total staking rewards.
2. Liquid Unstaking fees which will be variable ~0.3% - 3% (depends on existing liquidity and operation amount, similar to standard swap pools).
3. $META DAO Reserve: all revenue generated on the platform from staking and liquidity pool fees is sent to the Treasury and handled by the smart contract in the form of stNEAR tokens.
The vision behind Meta Pool and our $META tokenomics is to create a way for individuals to be self sovereign and create on-chain value for a blockchain protocol.
At Meta Pool, we are here for the long run. Our project is backed by more than 10 VC firms that invest in projects all around the NEAR ecosystem. Additionally, our community of thousands of users proves our commitment to making a strong, durable project that can not only exist, but also thrive in any market conditions.
More information on the Tokenomics​
Click on blog and Tokenomics​
In Meta Pool you will receive stNEAR and $META token.
You receive stNEAR when you stake your NEAR tokens. stNEAR increases its value every epoch representing the rewards gained by delegated Meta Pool tokens in validators.
Also, you receive $META when unstaking or providing liquidity to Meta Pool every Monday.
You need at least 1 NEAR to receive a reward.
Validators are chosen by having (1) an uptime >95%, (2) fee of <10%, (3) not being over the Nakamoto Coefficient and (4) have enough tokens to accomplish seat price of NEAR protocol.
You can review the list of Meta Pool validators on NEAR Overview. Please follow As Validatorsection: we have an automatic process to choose validators, but in case you have interest in being part of Meta Pool just fill the form and we will consider it.
As for Narwallets that was an initial project that we started and then evolved into Meta Pool.
One of the main features is that the wallet allows you to directly stake into Meta Pool or directly into a validator node. The extension also makes it easy to use the wallet with other applications, we wanted to build the MetaMask for NEAR. Which, has not got the initial traction that we hoped for and will continue to be a common goods project for the ecosystem, for now, until Meta Pool can consolidate, and then expand into some ideas for the extension wallet.
Meta Pool is a non custodial liquid staking platform. Additionally the team makes a reasonable effort to ensure that any transactions carried out via or on the Meta Pool platform and Meta Pool protocol are secure.
Not withstanding the aforesaid, there is no assurance that there will be no theft of the digital assets as a result of hacks, sophisticated cyber-attacks, distributed denials of service or errors, double-spent attacks, flash-loan attacks, vulnerabilities or defects of the Meta Pool platform, Meta Pool protocol, or related software, of the NEAR or any other blockchain, or otherwise.
We were audited by BlockSec, more info Audits section.
Yes, remember that Meta Pool, and blockchain itself, is an experimental technology still under development. Please read the Securitysection.
Yes, you can verify Meta Pool's GitHub repository​
Join us in Discord and let's talk about it in #🤝-partners-and-proposal channel! You can also fill out the form.
And our data directly on Meta Pool platform​

Meta Pool team

We are co-founders Claudio Cossio and Lucio Tato, we founded Meta Pool, which is a liquid staking solution on NEAR. Currently we have a team of four developers, who also with Lucio on our development team, and right now I’m kind of like a man of many hats, so basically doing fundraising, partnerships, a little bit of marketing as well, that’s kind of what we do.
This is the culture that we live by in Meta Pool:
  • 0 stress culture
  • Clear and direct communication, we need to be agile
  • Feedback is more than welcome
  • Excellence on performing
  • Take risks and learn, mistakes are going to be there
  • Flexibility to change fast
  • Be autonomous and ask for help
Our team is long on NEAR and we are part of the NEAR ecosystem since most of us belong to the NEAR Hispano, Open Web Sandbox, Silicon Craftsmen and other Guilds from the ecosystem.

Liquid Staking with stNEAR

Liquid staking is an alternative to traditional staking: it allows users to stake any amount of NEAR and to effectively unstake their $NEAR without the requirement of waiting ~48-72hrs (4-6 epochs) before NEAR token holders get their compounded rewards.
⁃ No lockup period: staking $NEAR, the current way in NEAR Web wallet requires you to lock your tokens and to unstake them, you will have to wait for ~48-72hrs (4-6 epochs).
⁃ Receive stNEAR: that you can use for DeFi protocols like lending, borrowing, liquidity providing etc.
⁃ Earn $META: stake $NEAR and provide liquidity to farm pools or lending/borrowing protocols our partners in NEAR ecosystem to get $META as rewards.
Staking $NEAR in NEAR Wallet stake your tokens in one single validator you pick. If you want your NEAR tokens back you required to wait ~48-64hrs (4 - 6 epochs).
In Meta Pool your tokens are delegated through a list of high performance validators and you can have your NEAR tokens back instantly in liquidity pool paying a fee. Validators Selection​
The minimum amount is 1 $NEAR, the main advantage of staking on Meta Pool is that we distribute your stake into 80+ validator nodes. This is done automatically through our staking smart contract. So, you do not have to choose which validator. Right now we do not have whitelist of validator nodes, since the NEAR Foundation process for new nodes helps filter the new service providers coming to the network. We do take into consideration the following criteria in order for Meta Pool to stake on new nodes:
  • Up time and performance
  • Percentage of NEAR rewards (yield)
  • Fee from the validator node, we look for validators who charge a low fee
This is why we believe in permissionless protocols and how we incorporate it that into the Meta Pool protocol.
There are 2 options for unstaking: you can unstake immediatly "liquid-unstake" or you can do a "Delayed-unstake".
If you do "Liquid-unstake", you swap immediately stNEAR to $NEAR, paying a liquidity fee (0,3-3%).
If you use "Delayed-unstake" option there is no fee (zero fee), but you will need to wait 2-4 days to get your $NEAR.
In both cases, you will need a small amount of NEAR tokens to pay for transactions on the NEAR blockchain. On the Aurora network, you will need a small amount of ETH tokens to confirm transactions.
In Meta Pool there's a Liquidity Pool, the pool works allowing you to swap stNEAR for NEAR paying a liquidity fee. The fee increases when there's low liquidity in the pool and decreases when the liquidity is abundant.
Anyone can be liquidity provider and earn part of liquidity fees in the process.
In Meta Pool you can stake $NEAR and/or unstake $NEAR immediately. There is no waiting time with our liquid staking solution.
A liquid unstake can be compared to a swap on DEXs, check out our sections:
Yes, both will give you $META. From the launch in August, $META was distributed once per epoch. From May 21, 2022, $META will be distributed once per week, every Monday. (May be updated soon).
Giving liquidity in each case according to the token. For example $META --> $stMETA.
We are expanding into the Aurora node in March 2022, now you can see stNEAR and $META in Aurora Network and bridging assets through Rainbow Bridge between NEAR and Aurora. As for $META we will have to wait and see what tokenomics can work for the governance of the Meta Pool protocol.
We have blogpost in our Medium blog. Background can be found in article. And read Meta Recipes​
Of course, you can stake your tokens in Meta Pool and obtain stNEAR and at the same time you can provide liquidity in Liquidity Pool and become a liquidity provider.

Liquidity Pool and Liquidity Providers

A liquidity pool (LP) is a collection of funds locked in a smart contract. Meta Pool liquidity pool works for swapping stNEAR tokens to $NEAR.
LP tokens represent the user's share of the total amount of locked liquidity in several tokens (usually two tokens), in liquidity pool on the Meta Pool platform such as stNEAR and NEAR.
Here is the tutorial How to Provide Liquidity to LP step by step on how to do it.
Being a liquidity provider in Meta Pool you will receive a % of the payed liquidity fees and you will get small amount $META.
The liquidity provider gets reward every liquid-unstake operation. The APY is fully based on liquid-unstake fees.
Calm market, no operations => 0 fee, 0% APY; Active market => lot of fees, high APY.
Note: LP APY can be high if the LP pool is depleted, so you may see a similarly high commission up to 3%. Liquid unstake fee is 0,3%-1.5% are normal.
The liquidity fee is the commission that you pay to swap stNEAR to NEAR tokens when unstaking.
Meta Pool liquidity fee is in a range from 0.3% to 3%. It varies linearly according to the quantity of liquidity available in Meta Pool liquidity pool (LP).
  1. 1.
    We take the LP price measure in NEAR from 7 days ago, and the LP price now.
  2. 2.
    Divide /7 to get a day-to-day increase.
  3. 3.
    Multiply by 365 to annualize, compute the price in a year if the current trend is maintained.
  4. 4.
    Compute APY based on current price vs price in a year.
Anyone who provides NEAR tokens to Meta Pool for allowing liquid unstake be done.
Anyone can be a liquidity provider in Meta Pool, you just need to go to Meta Pool App and go to Liquidity section and click to add liquidity.


  1. 1.
    The users deposit their NEAR tokens on the Meta Pool vault, immediately after they start earning rewards of ±11% for staking in the protocol.
  2. 2.
    Once deposit $NEAR in Meta Pool, the users receive the equivalent value in the stNEAR token, as proof of their staked balance that can be used on the NEAR DeFi Ecosystem.
  3. 3.
    Go to sections: Farming on NEAR, Meta Recipes, Farming on Auroraand happy farming!

NEAR Wallet

Use this ​How to Harvest $METAfor adding them.
The Meta Pool staking is reflected in you holding stNEAR tokens, it will not be reflected in the wallet as "staking", it will be reflected as stNEAR tokens.
Please visit and press the “Create Account” button.
You can visit "Home" section to know the value of your stNEAR, line “Your stNEAR in NEARs”, this is the way to verify your staking rewards. In "Liquidity" you can verify the number of NEAR provided.