FAQ Meta Pool
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Meta Pool

What is Meta Pool?
What features does Meta Pool have?
What’s the crypto economic structure of Meta Pool?
What makes Meta Pool stand out and what are its long-term plans?
What about Meta Pool Tokenomics?
What rewards do I get in Meta Pool?
How many NEAR I should stake to receive a reward?
How Meta Pool choose validators?
Is the Narwallets tab, a Chrome Wallet extension, superfluous in the NEAR ecosystem? What are the features of this extension?
Is Meta Pool safe from hacking?
Is there any risk doing staking in Meta Pool?
Is Meta Pool open source project?
How can I collaborate with Meta Pool?
Where can I find Meta Pool statistics?

Meta Pool team

Can you do an introduction for yourself and the developer team?
What is Meta Pool working culture?
Why did you choose the NEAR Ecosystem? What do you think NEAR will add to you and how it will help Meta Pool?

Liquid Staking with stNEAR

What is liquid staking?
Why liquid staking?
What's the difference between the staking function in the NEAR token wallet and the staking in Meta Pool?
What is the minimum amount of NEAR to stake in Meta Pool? Do we need to select validators for staking? What are the requirements to become a validator in Meta Pool?
How does unstaking works?
How does the "Liquid Unstake" works?
How long does it take to stake and unstake $NEAR in Meta Pool?
Do I get rewards when unstaking, either "Liquid unstake" or "Delayed Unstake"?
In the future, do you plan to do liquid staking of other tokens from the NEAR Ecosystem and NFTs? And even liquid staking of the $META token?
How to stake on Meta Pool Aurora Network?
What about Meta Recipes? How does it work?
Can I be a liquidity provider and staker at the same time in Meta Pool?

Liquidity Pool and Liquidity Providers

What is Meta Pool liquidity pool (LP)?
How to provide liquidity?
What are the benefits of being a liquidity provider?
What is the liquidity fee?
How do you compute APY for liquidity providers?
How is the liquidity fee calculated?
Who can be a liquidity provider?
How can I become a liquidity provider?


How Farming works using stNEAR?

Lending and Borrowing

What do you think about opportunities lending/borrowing protocols?

NEAR Wallet

How can I show the stNEAR and $META tokens in my NEAR wallet?
Why my staking is not reflected in the "staking" section of my NEAR Wallet?
How can I create a NEAR wallet account?
Where can I check my staking and liquidity rewards?
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