Vision & values
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Meta Pool has decentralization as a core value to create a user-friendly mechanism that automatically diversify stake in the network in order to increase network decentralization and censorship-resistance. We believe that an active protocol in a proof-of-stake network is required to help users diversify and avoid centralization of stake.
This is intended to maximize the Nakamoto Coefficient for the NEAR blockchain, and in that process make the entire network more valuable and unstoppable.

Ease of Use

The process of stake diversification, even if complex in the back end side, should be presented to the user as simplified as possible. Users should be able to stake and unstake with a few clicks and with no waiting periods.

Liberate Stake

In all proof-of-stake networks, locking the stake is fundamental to security. At this point, there is a substantial amount of native token staked in NEAR, but this absolute locking precludes usage in decentralized finance and is highly capital inefficient.
Meta Pool intends to liberate stake and keep the network security at the same time. Meta Pool provides a token, stNEAR, representing each user’s share of our diversified stake pool, so users are contributing in the best way possible to security and decentralization and at the same time, they receive a token that can be used in decentralized finance to earn additional yield.
We provide value to the user and the network by liquifying large locked capital assets, liberating it to be used in the ecosystem.

Base Lego brick for the Ecosystem

By providing stNEAR, a token generated from the largest, now inefficient and locked capital asset of the network, the locked stake, Meta Pool intends to make stNEAR the base Lego brick of DeFi in NEAR. We intend to promote swap pools for every token available using stNEAR tokens as base denominator, and also promote lending protocols using stNEAR tokens as main collateral.