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What is Meta Pool?

Meta Pool is a Liquid Staking solution for the NEAR Protocol that enables NEAR token holders to leverage their holdings by allowing them to earn traditional staking rewards and participate in DeFi protocols simultaneously.
When users deposit their NEAR tokens into Meta Pool, they receive stNEAR which can then be used in other Defi platforms (i.e.as collateral for loans) while their NEAR is earning ~10% staking rewards.

Why should I stake with Meta Pool?

Meta Pool is the first liquid staking solution on NEAR Protocol playing a role to unlock the NEAR DeFi ecosystem growth potential. The main benefits for staking Near in Meta Pool:
  1. 1.
    Tokenize your stake and access liquidity. When you deposit NEAR on Meta Pool for staking, you receive stNEAR, a token that represents your staked position and that you can take and use in the emerging NEAR DeFi market. stNEAR allows you to access liquidity while you keep earning staking rewards. Liberate your stake now!!
  2. 2.
    Liquid Unstakes. The traditional NEAR unstaking process takes approx. 48-72 hours (4 epochs). When you stake with Meta Pool you have the option to do access your funds immediately (Liquid Unstaking) by paying a small fee (averages 0.3%).
  3. 3.
    Diversification. When staking with Meta Pool you avoid putting all eggs in one basket. The META POOL smart contract automatically distributes it’s delegated funds into several validators, so you greatly reduce the risk of getting no-rewards due to any one validator outages.
  4. 4.
    Decentralization and Censorship-resistance. Meta Pool smart contract not only distributes funds across many validators, but it also automatically rebalances the allocation to each validator based on several parameters such as the % of funds staked with each validator (preventing any one validator from being too concentrated), and overall performance (deterring and removing underperforming validators which can undermine the network).
  5. 5.
    Earn $META. $META is the governance token of the Meta Pool platform. As a decentralised protocol which is owned and controleld by the community, Meta Pool Liqudity providers and Liquid unstakers are automatically rewarded with $META proportional to their stake. META tokens can also be rewards by farming AMM DEXs or in lending / borrowing protocols on NEAR / Aurora Networks using stNEAR.

How does Meta Pool work?

Meta Pool allows users to stake their $NEAR. In the backend, a bot distributes NEAR between low-fee, high-performance validators. Every epoch, the bot computes rewards from all the staking and increases stNEAR price accordingly.

What can you do in Meta Pool?

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    Stake NEAR (and unstake anytime) or become a liquidity provider to the NEAR-stNEAR pool.
  2. 2.
    Explore additional DeFi yields on top of staking using your tokenized stake positions.
  3. 3.
    Earn your position in Meta Pool DAO by using $META and participate in governance.

How does governance in Meta Pool works?

Governance in Meta Pool is being done in two phases:
Phase 1: there is a DAO with council members that are part of the core team of Meta Pool.
Phase 2: $META holders will take control over the DAO and decide following steps for Meta Pool.
Read more about Meta Pool Tokenomics & Governance.

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