Governance Roadmap

$META tokens will be unlocking on November 23, 2021. Price Discovery event took place from 7 to 17 December, 2021. Total amount on Skyward IDO is 28.000.000 $META

Governance (In Progress)

We believe on-chain governance is the future. Metapool is on a journey towards full decentralisation where the protocol will be owned and controlled by the $META holders.
Metapool governance will be taken place on AstroDAO and utilising token-weighted voting mechanism.
Unfortunately, the AstroDAO dev team is experiencing some delays and has not enabled token-weighted voting yet. This means that we also have to delay the beginning of on-chain governance until this feature has been deployed. We are in close communication with the Astro team and will update our community as we have updates on this front.

Price Discovery. Meta Pool IDO Launch Details on Skyward

Price Discovery event took place from 7 to 17 December, 2021. Total amount on Skyward IDO is 28.000.000 $META
Detailed information on our IDO
  • Presale: December 7th to December 14th 2021
  • Sale: December 15th to December 17th 2021
  • IDO Supply: 28,000,000 $META
  • Token pair: stNEAR / $META

What’s Next. Key milestones for Q1-Q2/22

Dominate liquid staking on NEAR

  • Launch staking for wNEAR token holders on Aurora Q1/22
  • NEAR Foundation will stake 1.5 million NEAR on Q1/22
  • Reach 20,000 active accounts by the end of Q2/22
  • $80m to $100m in TVL in Q2/22
  • Migrate all wNEAR to stNEAR pools on DEXs & AMMs in Aurora

Meta Pool plans for Aurora

Helping bring more staking to NEAR native
  1. 1.
    We are bridging our assets to Aurora
    • Enable validator nodes to receive wNEAR existing in Aurora
  2. 2.
    Provide the opportunity for Aurora users to liquid-stake their wNEAR
    • Provide a mechanism for them to liquid-stake using Metamask
    • Auto-Bridge wNEAR, staked in 87 stake-pools in NEAR Native
  3. 3.
    Helping NEAR Protocol become more capital efficient
    • stNEAR as base token for Aurora DeFi (11% extra APY over wNEAR)
Thanks for all your support! We are extremely grateful to have such a supportive community! Reach out to us on our Discord server if you have any questions or comments.