How to Stake $NEAR

Learn how to stake in Meta Pool step by step
Meta Pool allows NEAR token holders to stake and earn rewards, providing an easy way to unstake with no lockup period.
It does not put all your staked NEAR into just one validator, rather Meta Pool spreads it among many high performant and low fee validators in order that you get the best rewards while at the same time ensuring the network is decentralized and censorship resistant.

Steps to follow

  1. 1.
    Log in to Meta Pool, by clicking on “Start staking”
2. Click on "Stake Now" in the Stake NEAR box
3. Choose your preferred wallet, for this example, we will use NEAR native wallet.
4. Select the NEAR wallet you want to use from the dropdown menu and allow the app access to your NEAR wallet: click "Authorizing".
5. After you've logged in, go to the Home page and Enter the amount that you wish to stake, then click 'Stake'.
Note: you always want to leave some NEAR on your wallet to cover transaction costs.
5. Note, the minimum you are allowed to stake is 1 $NEAR
5. You'll get confirmation after the transaction has been processed by the blockchain and your stake deposit has been successful. This usually only takes a few seconds.
6. Now you can find your accounts holdings on the Home and Harvest pages.
Note: This panel only displays your assets ($NEAR and stNEAR) from your wallet, if you transfer or sell your stNEAR tokens, they will no longer be displayed in this panel.
On panel you can see the current Meta Pool stats:
Happy Liquid Staking! Don't hesitate to contact us if you have more questions!