Liquid Staking on NEAR

What is Liquid Staking?

Liquid staking protocols are at the forefront of the cryptocurrency staking economy, revolutionizing liquidity access in the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry.
One of the benefits of liquid staking is the ability to interact and use funds while simultaneously earning rewards. As a result, liquid staking protocols provide the foundations for activities such as lending protocols and yield farming activities.
Therefore, users can interact with numerous DeFi platforms earning multiple rewards from one pool of funds.
For a more detailed explanation please read our Welcome to Meta Pool section.

About NEAR Protocol

Built as a blockchain network that aims at making decentralized applications mainstream, NEAR Protocol thrives on its performance and user experience features.
While it runs in tandem with Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos, and many more popular protocols, it also eases Web3 adoption with enhanced speeds and lowered fees.
NEAR’s compatibility with multiple chains and protocols makes the flow of assets and communications between networks conveniently achievable.
By helping users create and explore simple, secure, and scalable technologies for a sustainable and inclusive future for businesses, communities, and creative people worldwide, NEAR has already earned substantial traction among millions of users globally.