Bridging Crypto Assets between NEAR and Aurora

Meta Pool uses Rainbow Bridge to transfer $META and stNEAR tokens between NEAR and Aurora Network, this allows you to use your Meta Pool tokens in Aurora dApps, such as Trisolaris, WannaSwap and etc.

Moving stNEAR and $META to Aurora Using Rainbow Bridge

Using you can connect your NEAR Wallet and your MetaMask wallet in order to transfer your tokens:

How to Add $META stNEAR Contracts to MetaMask Wallet

To add a token from your past Rainbow Bridge transfer to MetaMask on Aurora Mainnet, click 'Scan transfer history' in the Bridge and select 'Add token to MetaMask'.
To add a token manually, find the token address in the list of supported tokens. Note that they have a different address on Aurora Mainnet than on Ethereum.
$META on Aurora 0xc21ff01229e982d7c8b8691163b0a3cb8f357453
stNEAR on Aurora 0x07f9f7f963c5cd2bbffd30ccfb964be114332e30

How transfer stNEAR to Aurora. Liquidity Minings Opportunities (NEAR Protocol, Aurora):