Meta Pool Contract Addresses

NEAR Network:

Mainnet account:

Main contract & stNEAR NEP-141: meta-pool.near
$META NEP-141 token: meta-token.near


Main contract & stNEAR NEP-141: meta-v2.pool.testnet
$META NEP-141: token.meta.pool.testnet

Important Contract Methods - Main Contract

Returns how many near one stNEAR is worth.
Recover multiple parameters related to metapool, including total tokens locked, available liquidity on liquidity pool, stNEAR price and close to 30 others params.

Aurora Network:


Meta Pool in Aurora 0x534BACf1126f60EA513F796a3377ff432BE62cf9 Source: gitHub
wNEAR, Standard ERC-20 0xC42C30aC6Cc15faC9bD938618BcaA1a1FaE8501d
stNEAR, Standard ERC-20 0x07f9f7f963c5cd2bbffd30ccfb964be114332e30
$META, Standard ERC-20 0xc21ff01229e982d7c8b8691163b0a3cb8f357453


Meta Pool in Aurora 0x0dF588AabDd4E031f1903326cC0d8E79DFBD3566
wNEAR, Standard ERC-20 0x4861825E75ab14553E5aF711EbbE6873d369d146
stNEAR, Standard ERC-20 0x2137df2e54abd6bF1c1a8c1739f2EA6A8C15F144